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Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Anderson Landfill is committed to creating a sustainable future. Operating landfills safely and with minimal environmental impacts is always our goal. Anderson Landfill serves as a perfect example as WM utilizes the latest technologies to manage your waste.

Landfill Protections

Waste units are engineered to minimize the environmental footprint of our industrial activity. Liner systems meeting regulatory requirements ensure that disposed material will not pose a threat to groundwater aquifers. Surface water is protected by a comprehensive stormwater management pollution prevention plan and thoroughly planned stormwater conveyance systems. Anderson Landfill employs a robust gas well and monitoring system to capture methane gas before becoming an atmospheric contaminant. Each individual staff member is rigorously trained to identify potential impacts to the environment as a key component of our operational decision making.

Soil & Ground Water Protection

Air Protection

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Wildlife Pledge

Since 2016, Anderson Landfill has continuously maintained certification by The Wildlife Habitat Council for an ongoing habitat improvement project focused on the Western Bluebird, a charismatic species facing population declines in California. Working with local schools, Anderson Landfill constructed and installed Western Bluebird nest boxes throughout the protected habitat which helped triple the number of sightings of Western Bluebirds in the habitat. In addition, The Anderson Landfill submits monitoring data of nest boxes to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Data submitted by Anderson Landfill provides researchers with additional information to better understand Western Bluebird behavior.

Western BluebirdEfforts to increase Western Bluebird sightings by planting flowering vegetation and creating grasslands across retired industrial areas has had a tremendous impact on the ecological community at large. Bears, coyotes, raptors, deer, jack rabbits, reptiles and bald eagles are all common sightings across the landfill.

Image source:Pranav Tadepalli, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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